Tackling Exclusion : Part 2

I realise this blog breaks rules by being longer than normal. Please bear with me as it is such a key subject that I felt deserved a bit more unpacking than usual. Intro It feels like every time you switch on the news or open a paper; school exclusions are high up the list of … Continue reading Tackling Exclusion : Part 2

race2thetop #1

In the early 90’s, aged 19, I was selected to go on a tour of South Africa with a gospel choir I was part of the band and played drums for the tour (I don’t think anyone wanted or needed to hear me singing!) This was me pushing myself, putting myself out there and learning and growing in confidence … Continue reading race2thetop #1

Building For A Bright Future for Burnage Young People!

If you follow N-Gage on social media through our last update you will know that N-Gage is going through a period of massive growth at the moment. We remain committed to helping support young people in our aim to help them “Reach Their Full Potential”.  We are really excited to be able to announce that … Continue reading Building For A Bright Future for Burnage Young People!