National Honour

MBE Announcement June 2019

I have some very exciting news. I am incredibly humbled and honoured to be able
to announce I have been nominated for, and accepted an MBE.
This has been given as part of the Queen’s Birthday Honours.

I cannot thank my wife Jo enough for writing a successful application and those who sent in supporting letters.
As many of you will know I had a difficult start in life and have overcome some challenges and ended up in place where I have used my experiences, good and bad, to try and help the next generation.
All of this has been possible because a couple saw a need and decided to adopt me. It just goes to show you never know how things will turn out.

I’d like to thank all those who have supported N-Gage over the years including staff, volunteers, and all the young people who have allowed us to help and support them.

Finally thanks to friends and family for all the support over the years.

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